Laser Etching

Laser etching, sometimes referred to as laser decorating or laser engraving, uses a laser beam to alter the surface of an object. This technique has been around since the 1960s and ‘70s, and was adapted as a means of customizing business accessories.

Laser Etching Up Close

Laser etching achieves fine detail in decorations, logos, and branding by utilizing extreme cutting accuracy and efficiency at different depths. Our laser etching capabilities can assist with many projects and many different materials in addition to apparel—we can etch on just about any surface.

Laser Etching in Action

This technique adds precision and elegance to delicate materials such as synthetic and cotton fabrics; rough surfaces such as glass bottles, cutting boards, and sheet metals; and everything in between. Combined with embroidery, it creates a technique called appliqué.

Appliqué is a needlework technique that combines stitching threads with smaller pieces of fabric onto a larger piece of fabric (for example, a cotton shirt) to form a larger design. The laser comes in to expertly cut away excess materials and etch out details to complete the look to your specifications.