About Us

We are lovers of good design. 

We offer a variety of design and production services here in Kirkland and Seattle Washington.

  • embroidery
  • laser etching
  • screen printing
  • dye sublimation
  • heat transfer
  • branded merchandise
  • corporate apparel
  • uniforms & safety wear
  • design services
  • and much more.

Have an idea? We are always interested in trying new things.



Embroidery is the timeless handicraft of decorating fabric, apparel or other materials with a needle and thread. Our embroidery capabilities allows us to customize apparel to fit client needs. Often times we will combine Embroidery and Laser etching to get a technique called Appliqué. We are always interested in trying new projects.    

Regular Appliqué on Hoodie 

Reverse Appliqué on Hoodie (distressed)


Laser ETching

Laser Etching (i.e. Laser Decorating and Laser Engraving) adds precision and elegance to apparel or any material applied. Our Laser etching capabilities span much further than just apparel as we have the ability to etch on just about any surface. From delicate soft surfaces such as synthetic and cotton to rough surfaces such as glass bottles, cutting boards, sheet metals etc. 

Laser Etching Sheath for Client

Cutting Board Laser Etching for Client


Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is the process of transferring vinyl, silicone and a plethora of other substances to a garment using a heat press. Much care is taken and considered in the process when you are crafting your materials in-house. Which we very much enjoy. 

Artizen Sweatshirt Sample

Custom fabrications produced in house - with care. 


Dye Sublimation 


Dye-sublimation printing is a digital printing technology using full-color artwork that works with polyester and polymer-coated substrates. It is the method of applying an image to polyester cloth, blends where polyester is 50% or more, and specially coated products. There are no limits regarding color with dye sublimation.


Heat Transfer

Heat Transfer Printing is the process of transferring vinyl, silicone and a plethora of other substances to a garment using a heat press. Much care is taken and considered in the process when you are crafting your materials in house. Which we very much enjoy. 

"Liquid Metal Patch" 3D Heat Transfer

3D 2-Color Heat Transfer


Promotional Products 


Promotional Products are company items or branded swag to instill company appreciation and awareness. Through design we strive to maintain brand integrity, while delivering your items punctually and within your budget.  From water bottles & coffee mugs to usb drives, pens and pencils Logo Unlimited can provide all of your promotional product needs. 

The Collective



Martin is the Production Specialist and Resident Builder. His experience in embroidery and production machinery allows us to fabricate and tackle the designs we are presented. His entire skill set is shrouded in mystery and is still to be determined.  

"It's okay."



Artem is the Chief Operations Manager and Resident Boss. His extensive background in business management and exporting gives us the necessary edge to make sure we not only strive for perfection but attain it in an unrealistic amount of time.  

"Make it Beautiful."




Ryan Dumancas


Ryan is the Art Director and Resident Designer. He has knowledge in most elements of visual design and is responsible for the visual communication of the brand. His desire lies in good aesthetic and pays stupid attention to the minor details that may never be seen.  

"Why does that look so bad?