Embroidery is a decorative craft that every population across the globe has been using for hundreds and hundreds of years. The timeless handicraft of decorating fabric, apparel, artwork, or other materials with a needle and thread is an integral piece of art history and material culture.

Embroidery Up Close

Different types of stitches compose decorative designs and patterns, which can in turn incorporate beads, sequins, or other embellishments. Although embroidery had its first practical use in mending garments, it eventually evolved into expressive and decorative art.

Embroidery in Action

Our embroidery capabilities at Logo Unlimited allow us to customize a variety of apparel to fit with our clients’ needs, whether we’re creating a logo on a baseball cap or a detailed design on a sweatshirt.

Oftentimes we combine embroidery with laser etching, creating a technique called appliqué. Appliqué is a needlework technique that combines stitching threads with smaller pieces of fabric onto a larger piece of fabric (for example, a cotton shirt) to form a larger design.