Cartier pop-up — in a gold shipping container — coming to Seattle

by Sara Kennedy

The selfie-ready space shows off Cartier's collections influenced by objects such as nails and bolts.

Cartier is bringing its first-ever traveling pop-up experience to Seattle with an interactive display of its luxe jewelry inside a gold shipping container.

The concept — called Precious Garage — was created by New York- based artist Desi Santiago, who is known for installations influenced by the worlds of fashion and nightlife.

The industrial setting showcases the latest pieces from the Juste un Clou and Écrou de Cartier collections, which take influence from industrial materials such as nails and bolts.

Upon entering the gold container, the interior is initially completely dark. Visitors are then guided through the space by rays of light which illuminate the walls, clad with gold and matte-black painted tools, and display cases containing the jewelry collections. Outside the container, visitors can touch and try on the new pieces.

The tour kicked off in New York, visited Nashville and concludes in Seattle.

The exhibit is open to the public Sept. 29 (noon to 5 p.m.) and Sept. 30 (noon to 3 p.m.) at Fremont Mischief, 132 N. Canal Street. Find more information at